Radiation Effects on MHD Boundary Layer Flow and Heat Transfer Over a Nonlinear Stretching Surface with Variable Wall Temperature in the Presence of Non-Uniform Heat Source/Sink
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Department of Applied Mathematics, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore-, 46, Tamil Nadu, India
Department of Mathematics, Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore-, 62, Tamil Nadu, India
Online publication date: 2018-06-04
Publication date: 2018-05-01
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2018;23(2):289-305
In this paper, an investigation is made to analyze the effects of radiation on an MHD boundary layer flow and heat transfer over a nonlinear stretching surface with variable wall temperature and non-uniform heat source/sink. A suitable similarity transformation is used to transform the governing nonlinear partial differential equations into a system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations by using the Nachtsheim Swigert shooting iteration technique together with the fourth order Runge Kutta method. The effects of various physical parameters over a dimensionless velocity and dimensionless temperature are presented graphically. The numerical results for the skin friction co-efficient and non-dimensional rate of heat transfer are presented and discussed for several sets of values of the parameters. Comparisons of numerical results are made with the earlier published results under limiting cases.
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