MHD and Thermal Radiation Effects on Exponentially Accelerated Isothermal Vertical Plate with Uniform Mass Diffusion
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Department of Applied Mathematics Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering Sriperumbudur 602 105, INDIA
Department of Mathematics Ganadipathy Tulsis’ Jain Engineering College Kaniyambadi, Vellore 632102, INDIA
Online publication date: 2013-06-08
Publication date: 2013-06-01
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2013;18(2):599-608
Thermal radiation effects on an unsteady free convective flow of a viscous incompressible flow of a past an exponentially accelerated infinite isothermal vertical plate with uniform mass diffusion in the presence magnetic field are considered. The fluid considered here is a gray, absorbing-emitting radiation but a non-scattering medium. The plate temperature is raised to Tw and the concentration level near the plate is also raised to Cʹw . An exact solution to the dimensionless governing equations is obtained by the Laplace transform method, when the plate is exponentially accelerated with a velocity u= u0 exp(aʹtʹ) in its own plane against gravitational field. The effects of velocity, temperature and concentration fields are studied for different physical parameters such as the magnetic field parameter, thermal radiation parameter, Schmidt number, thermal Grashof number, mass Grashof number and time. It is observed that the velocity increases with decreasing magnetic field parameter or radiation parameter. But the trend is just reversed with respect to a or t .
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