Instructions to Authors

  • Submission of manuscripts. Manuscripts may be submitted to one of the editors or to the editorial office. The editors’ addresses may be found on the second title page of this journal. Manuscripts can also be sent via a member of the editorial board. Each paper submitted is subject to a single blind review procedure, and the publication decision is based on the reviewers’ comments in writing only. All paper should be original and not have been previously published in any journal, book, etc.
  • Manuscript style. The manuscript should be written in English. Please type double-spaced throughout, on one side of the page on A4 size good quality paper.
    The first page of the manuscript must contain a clear and concise title. The author's name should be typed on the line below the title. The affiliation and address should follow on the next line. In the case of co-authors, respective addresses should be clearly indicated, as well as which author is to receive correspondence and proofs for correction. The body of the manuscript should be preceded by: short running title (not to exceed 70 typewriter strokes), abstract (max. 10 lines), about 5 key words and nomenclature. Headings and subheadings for different sections of the paper should be early indicated and numbered in arabic numerals. Place numbers of equations referred to in the text in parentheses on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Tables. Each table should be typed on a separate sheet as the author(s) expect it to appear in print. Each table must be numbered and contain a brief title, and each column should contain a heading and units. Tables should be referred to in the text.
  • Figures. All illustrations are to be referred to as figures. They should be submitted on separate sheets in a form suitable for reproduction. To facilitate identification and processing, on the back of each figure, the number, the first author’s name and the orientation of the figure should be indicated. Figure legends should be typed on a separate sheet and placed at the end of the manuscript. All figures should be sent to Editorial Office in electronic form as CDR (Corel Draw) files or high quality JPEG files. Scanned figures are not accepted.
  • References. Only publications cited in the text should be included in the reference list. In the text, the references should appear with the name of the author(s) and the number of publication in square parentheses. Up to two authors can be mentioned in text references; more than two authors should be shortened to the first author’s name with et al. Publications such as papers [1], books [2] or others [3] should be listed as shown below, preferably in the order of citation.
    [1] Snow K.P.N. and Brown C.D. (1992): Title of the paper in italics.– J.Title, vol.1, No.2, pp.33-44, DOI number.

    [2] Green J.P. (1992): Book Title in Italics.– New York: Elsevier, DOI number.

    [3] Abrams J.F. (1992): Chapter title in italics.– In: Book Title (C.D. Brown, Ed.). – New York: Prentice-Hall, DOI number.
  • Proofs. Authors will receive page proofs (as requested) which should be corrected and returned within five days of receipt.
  • Reprints. The corresponding author, at no cost, will be provided with a PDF file of the paper via e-mail.
  • Electronic manuscripts.
    In order to accelerate editing and printing, authors are encouraged to send their papers in electronic form as MS Word files (other formats are not accepted) as files enclosed to e-mail.
  • Mandatory Charge. Paper selected for publication in IJAME are subject to a mandatory charge of €250 before publication. The maximum length for IJAME papers is limited to 15 printed pages (A4 size). Authors of longer papers will be assessed a mandatory charge of €25 per page over 15 pages. The total amount will be invoiced to the author for correspondence (his company, institution or agency).

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