On Some Mechanical Properties and Wear Behavior of Sintered Bronze Based Composites Reinforced with Some Aluminides Microadditives
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Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Machine Operation University of Zielona Góra ul. Prof. Z. Szafrana 4 65-516 , Zielona Góra, POLAND
Institute of Powder Metallurgy, Belarusian National Academy of Sciences ul. Platonova 41, Minsk, 220005 BELARUS
Online publication date: 2017-06-09
Publication date: 2017-05-24
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2017;22(2):293-302
In the paper, the changes in some mechanical properties and wear behavior of CuSn10 sintered bronze and MMCs based on this bronze reinforced with composite ultrafine aluminide powders FeAl/15 % Al2O3, NiAl/15 % Al2O3 and Ti-46Al-8Cr are described. It was observed that the presence of aluminides in the MMCs leads to an increase in the hardness, but the flexural strength may increase or decrease depending on the type of aluminide. The presence of aluminides in the MMC reduces the wear rate considerably. It is decreased in the direction of FeAl/15 % Al2O3 → NiAl/15 % Al2O3 → Ti-46Al-8Cr aluminides and for the best MMC composition the advantage is about 20 times. In the MMCs wear process, micro-craters are formed on the contact surface and it is the principal reason of a decrease in the wear rate.
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