Numerical study of heating transfer by natural convection in an inclined elliptical cylinder charged with nanofluid
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Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, University Mohamed Boudiaf of M'sila
Laboratory of Materials et Énergies Renouvelables, University Mohamed Boudiaf of M'sila
Laboratory of Materials Physics and its Applications, University Mohamed Boudiaf of M’sila
Department of Mechanics, Electromechanical Systems Laboratory, University of Sfax
Online publication date: 2023-09-29
Publication date: 2023-09-29
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2023;28(3):28-41
In this paper, thermal transfer with natural convection in a tilted annular cylinder with a Cu-water nanofluid has been numerically studied. The hot interior and cold exterior elliptical surfaces of the enclosure were maintained at constant temperatures Th and Tc , respectively. The governing equations were solved by the stream function-vorticity approach. The finite volume approach was utilized to discretise the controlling equations. The volume fraction range of the nanoparticles and the Rayleigh number was as follows: 0<ϕ<0.08 and 10^4<Ra<10^6, respectively. The inclination angles were γ=30°,45°,and 60°. Results were given as isotherm contours, streamlines, average and local Nusselt numbers. The results indicate that the thermal transfer ratio increases with an increase in the tilt angle, regardless of the nanoparticle size values. and the impact of the inclination angle on the heating transfer rate is more important the higher the Rayleigh number and the more convection there is.
The authors thank the management of Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, University Mohamed Boudiaf of M'sila for their continuous support to carry out this research work.
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