Fem and Experimental Analysis of Thin-Walled Composite Elements Under Compression
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Lublin University of Technology Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Department of Machine Design and Mechatronics Nadbystrzycka 36, 20-618 Lublin, POLAND
Online publication date: 2017-06-09
Publication date: 2017-05-24
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2017;22(2):393-402
Thin-walled steel elements in the form of openwork columns with variable geometrical parameters of holes were studied. The samples of thin-walled composite columns were modelled numerically. They were subjected to axial compression to examine their behavior in the critical and post-critical state. The numerical models were articulately supported on the upper and lower edges of the cross-section of the profiles. The numerical analysis was conducted only with respect to the non-linear stability of the structure. The FEM analysis was performed until the material achieved its yield stress. This was done to force the loss of stability by the structures. The numerical analysis was performed using the ABAQUS® software. The numerical analysis was performed only for the elastic range to ensure the operating stability of the tested thin-walled structures.
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