Transient Heat and Mass Transfer of Hydromagnetic Effects on the Flow Past a Porous Medium with Movable Vertical Permeablesheet
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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Nigeria
Department of Mathematics, Landmark University, Omu-aran, Nigeria
Online publication date: 2020-11-26
Publication date: 2020-12-01
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2020;25(4):175-190
An unsteady flow of heat and species transport through a porous medium in an infinite movable vertical permeable flat surface is considered. The hydromagnetic chemical reactive fluid flow is stimulated by the thermal and solutant convection, and propelled by the movement of the surface. The formulated nonlinear flow equations in time space are solved analytically by asymptotic expansions to obtain solutions for the flow momentum, energy and chemical concentration for various thermo-physical parameters. The existence of flow characteristic is defined with the assistance of the flow parameters. In the study, the impact of some pertinent flow terms is reported and discussed. The study revealed that the species boundary layer increases with a generative chemical reaction and decreases with a destructive chemical reaction. Also, arise in the generative species reaction term reduces the flow momentum for the cooling surface. The impact of other flow governing parameters is displayed graphically as well as the fluid wall friction, wall energy and species gradients. The results of this study are important in chemical thermal engineering for monitoring processes to avoid solution blow up.
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