Effect of soil consolidation on the fractality of the filtration law
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Department of Fluid Mechanics, Institute of Mathematic and Mechanics Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, B. Vagabzadeh St., 9, AZ1141, Baku, AZERBAIJAN
Baku State University, Theoretical and Continuum Mechanics Department, Akademik Zahid Xalilov st., 33, AZ1148, Baku, AZERBAIJAN
Publication date: 2023-06-14
Corresponding author
Geylani Panahov
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2023;28(1):84-94
In this paper, the effect of consolidation of the soil structure on the fractality of the fluid flow was evaluated. The equation of fractal law of flow in the porous medium under consolidation of two-phase, fully fluid-saturated soil was determined. Given all the simplifications, as well as the undoubted importance of the nature of the porous medium, which primarily determine the possible processes of both consolidation and fractal flow based on the results of the studies, we can conclude that a homogeneous porous reservoir at given parameters under the effect of groundwater pressure will expand its fractal structure.
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