The Impact of Radiation Effect on MHD Stagnation-Point Flow of a Nanofluid over an Exponentially Stretching Sheet in the Presence of Chemical Reaction
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CVR College of Engineering, Department of Humanities and Sciences, Hyderabad-, 501510, India
GITAM University, Hyderabad-, 502329, Telangana State, India
Online publication date: 2019-12-04
Publication date: 2019-12-01
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2019;24(4):125-139
The present study is to investigate the effect of the chemical reaction parameter on stagnation point flow of magnetohydrodynamics field past an exponentially stretching sheet by considering a nanofluid. The problem is governed by governing coupled nonlinear partial differential equations with appropriate boundary conditions. The transformed non-dimensional and coupled governing ordinary differential equations are solved numerically using the fourth order Adams-Bashforth Moulton method. The effects of various dimensionless parameters on velocity, temperature and concentration fields are studied and then the results are presented in both tabular and graphical forms.
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