Study Of Three Dimensional Propagation Of Waves In Hollow Poroelastic Circular Cylinders
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Department of Mathematics, Deccan College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad–500 001 (T.S) INDIA
Online publication date: 2015-09-19
Publication date: 2015-08-01
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2015;20(3):565-587
Employing Biot’s theory of wave propagation in liquid saturated porous media, waves propagating in a hollow poroelastic circular cylinder of infinite extent are investigated. General frequency equations for propagation of waves are obtained each for a pervious and an impervious surface. Degenerate cases of the general frequency equations of pervious and impervious surfaces, when the longitudinal wavenumber k and angular wavenumber n are zero, are considered. When k=0, the plane-strain vibrations and longitudinal shear vibrations are uncoupled and when k0 these are coupled. It is seen that the frequency equation of longitudinal shear vibrations is independent of the nature of the surface. When the angular (or circumferential) wavenumber is zero, i.e., n=0, axially symmetric vibrations and torsional vibrations are uncoupled. For n0 these vibrations are coupled. The frequency equation of torsional vibrations is independent of the nature of the surface. By ignoring liquid effects, the results of a purely elastic solid are obtained as a special case.
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