Mixed Convection on MHD Flow with Thermal Radiation, Chemical Reaction and Viscous Dissipation Embedded in a Porous Medium
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Debreberhan University, College of Natural and Computational Science, Department of Mathematics, P.O. Box 445, Ethiopia
Online publication date: 2020-03-12
Publication date: 2020-03-01
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2020;25(1):219-235
In this paper, a theoretical analysis has been made to study the effect of mixed convection MHD oscillatory Couette flow in a vertical parallel channel walls embedded in a porous medium in the presence of thermal radiation, chemical reaction and viscous dissipation. The channel walls are subjected to a constant suction velocity and free stream velocity is oscillating with time. The channel walls are embedded vertically in a porous medium. A magnetic field of uniform strength is applied normal to the vertical channel walls. The nonlinear and coupled partial differential equations are solved using multi parameter perturbation techniques. The effects of physical parameters, viz., the radiation absorption parameter, Prandtl number, Eckert number, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, permeability of porous medium, suction velocity, Schmidt number and chemical reaction parameter on flow variables viz., temperature, concentration and velocity profile have been studied. MATLAB code is used to analyze theoretical facts. The important results show that an increment in the radiation absorption parameter and permeability of porous medium results in an increment of the temperature profile. Moreover, an increment in the Prandtl number, Eckert number and dynamic viscosity results in a decrement of the temperature profile. An increment in suction velocity results in a decrement of the velocity profile. An increment in the Schmidt number, chemical reaction parameter and kinematic viscosity results in a decrement of the concentration profile.
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