Magnetic effects on surface waves in a rotating non-homogeneous half-space with grooved and impedance boundary characteristics
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GST- Mathematics Division, Veritas University Abuja, Nigeria
Department of Mechanical Engineering,, University of Colorado Denver, USA, United States
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science,, COMSATS University Islamabad, Park Road Chak Shahzad, 44000 Islamabad, Pakistan, Pakistan
Submission date: 2023-07-22
Final revision date: 2023-08-24
Acceptance date: 2023-09-20
Online publication date: 2023-12-19
Publication date: 2023-12-23
Corresponding author
Augustine Igwebuike Anya   

GST- Mathematics Division, Veritas University Abuja, 901101, Abuja, Nigeria
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2023;28(4):26-42
Investigation on the Mathematical modeling of waves in a rotating grooved and impedance boundary of a non-homogeneous fibre-reinforced solid half‐space under the influence of magnetic field and mechanical force is envisaged. We derived analytically, the dynamical equations for the rotating grooved and impedance boundary of the non-homogeneous fibre-reinforced solid under the influence of magnetic fields and mechanical force. Harmonic solution method of wave analysis is utilized. This is such that the component of displacements and stresses are developed and studied after employing dimensionless parameters in the equations of motion. Numerical computations are presented in graphical form by using Mathematica Software for a particular chosen material. We observed that the combined grooved, magnetic fields, impedance boundary etc. physical parameters, have remarkable effects on the material. A decrease in horizontal impedance yielded maximum amplitudes of displacements and stresses of the waves on the fibre-reinforced medium. The mechanical force and rotation of the medium induced increased behaviors to the amplitudes of displacement and stress components of the wave on the solid medium. Thus, this work should be of great importance in studies involving seismology and seismic Mechatronics solution for stress-wave generation in non-homogeneous materials.
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