Unsteady Three-Dimensional Mhd Flow Due to Impulsive Motion with Heat and Mass Transfer Past a Stretching Sheet in a Saturated Porous Medium
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Dept. of Mech. Engg. Vice Chancellor JNTU Hyderabad A.P. India
Dept. of Mathematics, Smt. V.G. College for Women Gulbarga, Karnataka, India
Dept. of Mech. Engg., P.D.A. College of Engg. Gulbarga, Karnataka, India
Online publication date: 2013-04-19
Publication date: 2013-03-01
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2013;18(1):137-151
The development of velocity, temperature and concentration fields of an incompressible viscous electrically conducting fluid, caused by impulsive stretching of the surface in two lateral directions and by suddenly increasing the surface temperature from that of the surrounding fluid in a saturated porous medium is studied. The partial differential equations governing the unsteady laminar boundary layer flow are solved analytically. For some particular cases, closed form solutions are obtained, and for large values of the independent variable asymptotic solutions are found. The surface shear stress in x and y directions and the surface heat transfer and surface mass transfer increase with the magnetic parameter and with permeability parameter and the stretching ratio, and there is a smooth transition from the short-time solution to the long-time solution.
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