Thermal convection of magneto compressible couple-stress fluid saturated in a porous medium with Hall current
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Department of Mathematics, Centre of Excellence Govt. Degree College Sanjauli, Distt Shimla (H.P), INDIA
Department of Mathematics, Govt. Post Graduate College Seema (Rohru), Distt Shimla (H.P), INDIA
Department of Mathematics, St. Bede’s College Shimla, Distt Shimla (H.P), INDIA
Online publication date: 2016-03-07
Publication date: 2016-02-01
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2016;21(1):83-93
An investigation is made on the effect of Hall currents on thermal instability of a compressible couple-stress fluid in the presence of a horizontal magnetic field saturated in a porous medium. The analysis is carried out within the framework of the linear stability theory and normal mode technique. A dispersion relation governing the effects of viscoelasticity, Hall currents, compressibility, magnetic field and porous medium is derived. For the stationary convection a couple-stress fluid behaves like an ordinary Newtonian fluid due to the vanishing of the viscoelastic parameter. Compressibility, the magnetic filed and couple-stress parameter have stabilizing effects on the system whereas Hall currents and medium permeability have a destabilizing effect on the system, but in the absence of Hall current couple-stress has a destabilizing effect on the system. It has been observed that oscillatory modes are introduced due to the presence of viscoelasticity, magnetic field porous medium and Hall currents which were non-existent in their absence.
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