The Influence of Thermomechanical Coupling on the Behaviour of Athick-Walled Metallic Tube Subjected to Internal Pressure
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Opole University of Technology, Institute of the Innovation of Processes and Products, Faculty of Managing the Power Industry, 45-370, Opole, ul. Ozimska 75, Poland
Online publication date: 2018-08-20
Publication date: 2018-08-01
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2018;23(3):751-766
In this study, the influence of thermomechanical coupling effect - the effect of thermal expansion due to dissipation of the energy of plastic deformation, with and without taking into account the stored energy of plastic deformation (SEPD) for the distribution of stresses, strains, temperature, the applied pressure and the residual stresses is examined. The residual stresses remain in a thick-walled tube (a cylindrical thick-walled tank) after removing the internal pressure in the process of purely elastic unloading. The analysis is made on the example of an analitycal solution for a thick-walled tube subjected to a quasistatically increasing internal pressure for the case of adiabatic processes (without heat flow). Since the loading with internal pressure is quasi-static (monotonic), then neglecting the process of heat flow can lead to some different results in calculated stresses, deformations, temperature, internal pressure and residual stresses. The calculations for isothermal type of processes of deformations (without heat or ideal cooling) are also performed for the estimation of these differences. The results calculated for the process with heat flow should be intermediate between the values obtained for isothermal and adiabatic processes.
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