The Fundamental Solutions for the Stress Intensity Factors of Modes I, II And III. The Axially Symmetric Problem
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Department of Mechanics of Materials Lodz University of Technology Al. Politechniki 6, 90 – 924 Lodz, POLAND
Online publication date: 2015-05-23
Publication date: 2015-05-01
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2015;20(2):345-372
The subject of the paper are Green’s functions for the stress intensity factors of modes I, II and III. Green’s functions are defined as a solution to the problem of an elastic, transversely isotropic solid with a penny-shaped or an external crack under general axisymmetric loadings acting along a circumference on the plane parallel to the crack plane. Exact solutions are presented in a closed form for the stress intensity factors under each type of axisymmetric ring forces as fundamental solutions. Numerical examples are employed and conclusions which can be utilized in engineering practice are formulated.
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