Soret and Dufour Effects on MHD Micropolar Fluid Flow Over a Linearly Stretching Sheet, Through a Non-Darcy Porous Medium
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Department of Mathematics, K L E F, Vaddeswaram, Guntur, AP, India - 520522
Online publication date: 2018-06-04
Publication date: 2018-05-01
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2018;23(2):485-502
In this paper, we discuss the Soret and Dufour effects on an MHD micropolar fluid flow over a linearly stretching sheet, through a non-Darcy porous medium, where stretching velocity of the sheet varies linearly with distance from the origin, and, temperature and concentration vary non-linearly in the boundary layer region. By suitable similarity transformations, the governing boundary layer equations are transformed to ordinary differential equations. These equations are solved by numerical computations with bvp4c along with the shooting technique method. The effects of the magnetic parameter, Soret number and Dufour number on velocity profiles, microrotation profile, heat transfer, and concentration, skin-friction, Nusselt number and Sherwood number are computed, discussed and analysed numerically and presented through tables and graphs.
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