Hydrodynamic and Hydromagnetic Stability of Two Superposed Elastico – Viscous Fluids of Different Permeability with Dust in Porous Medium
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Department of Mathematics Govt. Post Graduate College Seema (Rohru), Distt Shimla (H.P) -171207, INDIA
Department of Mathematics, Centre for Excellence Govt. Degree College Sanjauli, Distt Shimla (H.P) -171006, INDIA
Online publication date: 2015-05-23
Publication date: 2015-05-01
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2015;20(2):407-416
Rayleigh-Taylor instability of two superposed Walters’ B has elastico-viscous fluids in a uniform magnetic field through a porous medium with different permeability been studied to include the suspended (dust) particles effect. Using normal mode technique a dispersion relation has been derived. The stability analysis has been carried out. The magnetic field stabilizes the unstable configuration for the wave number band K > K* in which the system is unstable in the absence of the magnetic field. It is also found that for a potential stable arrangement for Walters B’ elastico-viscous fluids of different permeabilities in the presence of suspended particles through a porous medium the system is stable, whereas in the potentially unstable case instability of the system occurs.
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