Hybrid Sandwich Panels: A Review
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Department of Mechanical Engineering, GM Institute of Technology, Davangere, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka, India
Online publication date: 2020-08-17
Publication date: 2020-09-01
International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering 2020;25(3):64-85
A high specific stiffness, high specific strength, and tailoring the properties for specific application have attracted the attention of the researchers to work in the field of laminated composites and Sandwich structures. Rapid use of these laminated composites and Sandwich structures necessitated the development of new theories that suitable for the bending, buckling and vibration analysis. Many articles were published on free vibration of beams, plates, shells laminated composites and sandwich structures. In this article, a review on free vibration analysis of shear deformable isotropic beams, plates, shells, laminated composites and sandwich structures based on various theories and the exact solution is presented. In addition to this, the literature on finite element modeling of beams, plates, shells laminated composites and sandwich structures based on classical and refined theories is also reviewed. The present article is an attempt to review the available literature, made in the past few decades on free flexural vibration response of Fiber Metal laminated Composites and Sandwich panels using different analytical models, numerical techniques, and experimental methods.
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